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Smart Transformation for NGOs.

DIJINGO increases accessibility and flexibility by using cloud computing infrastructure. Thanks to the integration of the Salesforce CRM platform, fully digitalized membership management enables tracking members' human information, dues, activities they participate in, and all other information about members on a single platform. It also expands functionality by connecting with social media and other platforms. With the support of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it offers a 360-degree stakeholder view and performs complex data analysis.
The New Era of NGOs.
The New Era of NGOs.
Efficiency Increase, Interaction Summit! DIJINGO enables NGOs to use human resources more effectively, facilitate data management, and increase overall operational efficiency while providing transparency and accountability through accurate information management. The usrtr-friendly interface reduces technological access barriers and maximizes interaction by increasing social impact and a sense of belonging, ensuring the right timing of events and special day celebrations.
A Unifying Force in Digital Transformation for NGOs!
DIJINGO has comprehensive and effective tools to help NGOs overcome the challenges they will face in their digital transformation journey. It enables organizations to work more efficiently, reach broader audiences, and increase their social impact. It offers an agile, flexible solution that combines NGOs' dispersed structures using separate and different software.
A Unifying Force in Digital Transformation for NGOs!
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About Us
About Us

Our company, Inspark Intelligent Business Solutions, was established in London in 1990. We implemented ERP solutions in the past and then started implementing customer-oriented solutions. Our main tool is the Salesforce.com Platform for our projects.

During our implementation projects, we realized some challenges when Manufacturing companies engage with their customers, especially when they produce order-based. Usually, the engagement is generally around problems.

What We Do?
What We Do?

Build Long-Term Relationships with Volunteers and Donors Using Salesforce Solutions Establish enduring connections with your organization's volunteers and donors, the most crucial assets for Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organizations. Integrating operations through a unified system in volunteer networking, donor relations, and resource management leads to efficient work and swift decision-making. Explore Salesforce solutions that facilitate continuous interaction among volunteers, supporters, donors, members, employees, and managers, ensuring projects are managed healthily and transparently.

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